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 Held annually the 4th Saturday in April. ​ Held annually the 4th Saturday in April. ​
-The City of Reynolds has hired A. Brian Smisson as the new City Clerk. ​ Brian is a native Fort Valley and has a BBA in accounting. Brian will start full-time on May 6, 2021.+
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 === PLEASE NOTE === === PLEASE NOTE ===
-//**City Hall payment window ​is open to the public. ​Also, payments can be made in the drop box in the lobby at City Hall or on-line at REYNOLDS.QPAYBILL.COM. (Make sure the water tower and the strawberries are on the page) or call 1-888-445-6127. This information is on you bill.**//+//**"​IMPORTANT INFORMATION"​ As a result of the recent Covid spike in our community, Reynolds ​City Hall is temporally closed ​to the public. ​We apologize for this inconveniencePlease see the attachmentMayor Butch Turner**//

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