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 + The special called meeting of the Mayor and Council convened at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, Feb 07, 2022, at the Train Depot with the announcement of a quorum.
 +MEMBERS PRESENT: ​ Mayor Walter Turner, Tiffany Coker, Danny Peed, Hannah Sloan, Laticia Dixon, Hiram Couch, Timishea Price and acting city clerk Tammy Jones.
 +INVOCATION: ​ Laticia Dixon
 +Danny Peed made a motion to adopt the proposed agenda. ​ Hannah Sloan seconded. ​  Mayor Walter Turner, Tiffany Coker, Laticia Dixon, Hiram Couch and Timishea Price voted in favor. ​ The motion passed.
 +• Discuss Police Department raises – There were several discussions regarding the raise the Police Chief received. ​ Nobody wanted to take money back.  Danny Peed wanted Chief to decide on whether he would take the 10% instead of the 20%.  Mayor Turner said it was not fair to make Chief make that decision. ​ At one point Hiram Couch made a motion to adopt and retain the wage with the caveat for the Chief of Police in this instance only to abstain from raises for the next four years. ​ Nobody seconded the motion. ​ The final result was there was no change to the original vote.
 +• Discuss raises for Public Works – Director Scott Jones has suggested to not renew the contract with Fall Line Commercial Services and to use those funds to give his department workers a raise and they will take over the work of the contract. ​ Scott currently has three employees working for him and is planning to use the weed and feed on the walking track and the cemetery and they just recently purchased a lawnmower. ​ The total amount in the budget was $57,000 for Fall Line Commercial Services.
 +Director Jones was asked if he had recommendations for salary increases for his employees and he said he did.  Director Jones recommended the following:
 + Dillon Gillispie from Step 7.5 ($12.00) to Step 11 ($13.03)
 + Bennie Griffin from Step 16 ($14.75) to Step 24 ($17.97) ​
 + Roderick Walker from Step 18 ($15.50) to Step 25 ($19.97)
 +Timishea Price made a motion to give Dillon a raise from Step 7.5 to Step 11 ($13.03), Bennie a raise from Step 16 to Step 24 (17.97) and Roderick a raise from Step 16 to Step 24 ($18.42). ​ Danny Peed seconded. ​ Timishea Price then amended the motion to include Scott at 15% being an increase of $9,040.36 per annual pay.  Danny Peed seconded. ​ Mayor Walter Turner, Hannah Sloan, Laticia Dixon, Tiffany Coker and Hiram Couch voted in favor. ​ The motion passed.  ​
 +• Discuss the Backhoe Lease – Full Power Diesel is working on a formal repair estimate on the 2003 CAT if it is repairable, but it also depends on if he can get the parts. ​ The motor is fine, but the arm is bent, the hydraulics leak, and the radiator is pouring antifreeze. ​ Director Jones contacted CASE from Byron who will give us a lease on a 2020 Backhoe with 60 hours and give us a credit of $22,500 for our existing backhoe, which makes total price $97.500. ​ A new CASE will be $120,​000. ​ In 2019 the price was $85K and the John Deer and CAT were $120K. ​ They have no other Backhoe’s in the yard they are expecting some to come in this summer, but the price will increase another 20%.
 +Danny Peed asked if we should lease or buy.  Director Jones mentioned we have $107K in SPLOST and $153K in SOLAR. ​ A lot of cities are leasing now so we have a good reliable piece of equipment and keep upgrading every 5 years. ​ You save money in the long run.  Director Jones said we still have $200K in the USDA loan and if we have money left at the end of the project, we can purchase equipment. ​
 +Director Jones gave three options, 1) buy, 2) lease every 5 years or 3) lease until the USDA has extra funds then purchase.
 +Hiram Couch asked how we will pay for this.  Director Scott said it should be Water and Sewer, but it could come out of anything including SPLOST which we receive approx. 10K a month. ​ Mr. Couch asked if we could pay the lease in advance to save on interest. ​ Director Jones said we could pay Quarterly or Annually saving on interest. ​ Tiffany Coker asked what else was coming out of Water and Sewer and was told lab tests, chemicals, electricity,​ and repair parts.
 +Danny Peed made a motion to lease the new backhoe for 60 months and pay for it out of SPLOST. ​ Timishea Price seconded. ​ Mayor Walter Turner, Hannah Sloan, Laticia Dixon, Timishea Price and Tiffany Coker voted in favor. ​ The motion passed.
 +Tiffany Coker made a motion to adjourn. ​ Danny Peed seconded. ​ Mayor Walter Turner, Hannah Sloan, Laticia Dixon, Timishea Price, and Hiram Couch voted in favor. ​ The meeting adjourned.
 +                                                                                    ______________________________
 +  ​          ​Mayor ​
 +Acting City Clerk

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