Reynolds was founded in 1853 and is said to be named in honor of John Reynolds, one of Georgia's famous governors. Some say it was named for L.C. Reynolds, Esquire and another source says it was named for the superintendent of the railroad at the time. It was first settled by Dr. Alfred Coleman and was home of the Coleman Institute.

The newborn town was not a fast growing area but grew slowly and steadily through the years to reach its present size. The building of the railroad was announced March 16, 1851 and brought change into the lives of the people. The railroad was left unfinished in the Beechwood swamp for a time, but with its completion Reynolds became a well laid-out town, with symmetrical blocks 318 feet square and the streets running north and south, east and west. One block was deeded to the new railroad site for the establishment of a depot area and a second was planned for a Courthouse site. The courthouse never came to fruition in Reynolds and after a time the lot originally laid out for the Courthouse was made the church park with the Methodist Church on one corner and the Baptist Church on the other. Those churches and a Primitive Baptist Church ministered to the people and helped the city to become the town it is today.


Reynolds today has a population of 1,086. We still enjoy the luxury of the wide streets with beautiful oak trees still lining many of the streets. We are home to the Georgia Strawberry Festival which is held annually the 4th weekend in April. People from all across the state come for the food, crafts, music, and luscious strawberries. We are a GMA certified City of Ethics and a certified Tree City U.S.A.

The Silver Dollar Race Track is a large attraction among racing fans and is one of the best drag strips in the state.

The headquarters of Flint Energies, a rural electric corporation, is located in Reynolds and is a stabilizing employer of the town. The Public Service Telephone Company and Flint Cable are owned and operated locally and is a great asset to the town. There is currently one bank, one drug store, one grocery store, an appliance store, a general merchandise store, an auto supply store, an automobile repair shop, two automotive body shops, insurance company, antique dealership, gas station, a gift shop, two convenience stores, and three locally owned restaurants, all located within a one mile radius of the town.

Our area is well known for the luscious strawberries from mid-March through mid-May at The Strawberry Patch. Soon after we get our fill of strawberries, juicy peaches are ready for picking, packing, shipping, and to purchase locally at Taylor Orchards. They also have delicious homemade strawberry and peach ice cream.

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